Filter Factory



Publisher Steve Fisher
Release date 1996
System Win
Compatible Adobe Photoshop
Website Not available
updated: 8/20/2013 2:46:51 AM



accelerating daisies, accelerating glass, aged film, alias blur, ambrosia, anti inverter, archies spirals, auto elipse, average colored gray, averaged color grey, average gray, average grey, beta ball, bevel 1, bevel 1 5, bevel 2, black edge fx, blast em, blast em blur, blur by light, blurred mesh, bonny tiler, border fade 2, border film, border noisy fade iii, border stamp, brainspotting, bubble, bubble crosswaves, bubble distort, bulging edge average(2), bulging edge average, bulging edge plus(2), bulging edge plus, bulging edge shader(2), bulging edge shader, bulging edge twirl(2), bulging edge twirl, burnup, button deluxe, bw enhanced limiter, bw limiter, cartoon art, centre square tiler(2), centre square tiler, centripedal tile, change rgb percentages, change rgb percentages 2, chaos gradients, ciba chrome, circle cell, circulator, circulator 2, color bevel, color booster, color cocktail 1 1, color coctail 1 2, color extract, color glow, colorize 1 2, color mood, color pattern generator 1, color pattern generator 2, color switcher, color wizared 2 2, colour metalizer, colour photo dark, colour photo white fade, coming from space, confetti mirror, convolver, countdown, crystal ball, cut glass, cyber mosh, diagonal infini tiles, diamond glass, difference displace, difference spirals, different sin(2), different sin, digital weaver, dimensia, dont drive drunk, double image, double sphere gradient, drink to me, dynamic contrast, eclipse edge fx, edge saturate, emboss graver, enhanced equalizer, equalizer, evanescence, explosive blur, expose it 1 1, faceter, fence slats, file size reducer, fire starter, flat grid, flecktone, flip chop radial(2), flip chop radial, flipper, flower 2, flower ii, flowers, flowers 2, flutewaves, fluttering flag, focal blur, forbidden island, four rings, fractal magic 2, fractal magic 3, fractal magic 4, fractal magic 5, fractal magic 6, fractal tiler, frame 01, frame 02, frame 03, frame 04, frame 05, frame 06, frame 07, frame 08, frame 09, frame 10, frame 11, frame 12, frame 13, frame 14, frame 15, frame 16, frame 17, frame 18, frame 20, frame 21 seamless, frame 22 seamless, frame 23 seamless, frame 24 seamless, frame 25 seamless, frame gradients, gembars 2, glass ball 3, glass pyramids, gradient blinds, gradient blocks, gradient on path, gradient spokes, gradient window, grain maker, graphic, gravitational lenser 1 2(2), gravitational lenser 1 2, gravity blossom, gridmed, gridmin, groovy bachelor pad, gunsite, harmonics mixer, heightline, hex lattice, holidays in egypt, holy cow, hsb, incantations, infini tiles, infinity, inside out, inspirator, interference, itsa edge thing, i would cut, james bondage, kaleidoscope 2, lapcian, lattice, lead crystal emboss, legolator, liquid metal, lonely heart, loom, luma greyscale, mack the knife, magic 01, magic 02, magic 03, magic 04, magic 05, magic 06, magic 07, magic 08, magic 09, magic 10, magic 11, magic 12, magic 13, magic 14, magic 15, magic 16, magic 17, magic 18, magic 19, magic 20, magic triangle q, magic triangle r, magic triangles q, magic triangles r, magnetic north, magnetic south, manic plumber, mapped checkers, mapped thingies, marble madness one, melting pot, metal peacocks, metalworks, minataurus rex, minimax deluxe, minimax economy, mirror it, mirror mirror, mixed beam gradients, mixed gradients, moire blocks, mo jellyfish, mono metallic, moon phase, mosaic, motion trail, moving screen, mystic mountain, noise emboss, noisy rgb, offsetter, old film 2, old photo white fade(2), old photo white fade, ommadawn, origami, other worlds, panel stripes, patches, patches factory, patches factory competition, patch work, pathways to helion(2), pathways to helion, perforator 1, perspecular, picassos last word, picture chopper, pinwheel a, pinwheel b, pinwheel c, pinwheel d, pinwheel e, pinwheel f, plain mosaic 2, pool shadow, poster gradient i, posterize, psuedo gamma, pyramids with depth, quadrant replicate, quadruple beam gradient, quantum tile, quick sepia, radial gradient ii, radial patter generator, radial quad mirror, radial replicate, radial sinality, radial sun, random art, rasterline, ray dream 1, ray dream 11, ray dream 2, raygun, refractor, reverb, reverberations, rgb bicolor, rgb offset, rgb remover, rgb spirals, ringmaster, rings, ring tile, ripper, round button, sabers explosion one, saw tooth fx, scrambler, seamless welder, seismic twirl, send me an angle, serrate, shadowlands, shear tiles, shoutin, silver or gold, sine blobs 1, sine blobs 2, sine blobs 3, sine blobs 4, sinfinity, sliding spirals, smiley, softborder, solar inverter, solar inverter hiliter, spectra flare, speed, spinner, spiral 3, spiral 4, splash 2, split contrast, spotlight, starfish, star gradient, starmaker, stigmatism, strange life form 3, strange life form 4, strange lifeforms 1, strange lifeforms 2, streamer, sucking toad bevel iva, sun raze, symmetrical pattern 1, the black hole, the black hole 2, the grid, the grid 2, the stump 2, tile mix, tiler 1, tinted glass, toners, transparent bullseye, transparent pizza, triangular mosaic, tripolis, tri tiles, tunnel tile, twister, us comic, valentines day, versa tile, vertigo, vortex, warm cloth, warm jets, weave, web, web weaver, wee scratches, whirl blur, window screen, wood grain, xaggerate, x diffusion, x exchange(2), x exchange, yage, zebra fan, zero tolerance, zoom, zoom in, zoom noise, zoom out